The tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, at Contour Aesthetic Center helps slim and tighten the stomach.* Now a key part of the “mommy makeover,” it can be particularly effective for women who through multiple pregnancies have seen the skin and muscles in their abdomen stretch and lose muscle tone. Additionally, men and women who are active and eat a balanced diet, but just can’t seem to reduce the waistline may benefit from a tummy tuck. For best results, Dr. Heidari often performs a tummy tuck in conjunction with liposuction to create a more attractive overall appearance.*

The ideal candidates for an abdominoplasty are men and women in good health and relatively good shape, but who are bothered by a protruding stomach or loose abdominal skin with stretch marks.

The Procedure

The tummy tuck is a surgical procedure in which excess skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen and the muscles of the abdomen wall are tightened. It is a major operation and should be undertaken after careful consideration. Dr. Heidari evaluates each patient before surgery and takes every necessary step to customize the surgery to your body to reduce risks—which can include infection and blood clots. He will explain what to expect post-operation and what steps to take for the fastest recovery and best cosmetic results. Additionally, the surgery is known to leave scars. However, Dr. Heidari will use the latest laser technology to significantly reduce the appearance of the scar and will plan with you how he can ensure scars are hidden under clothing.*


Following the tummy tuck, you will need to wear a compression garment for about five weeks. This will minimize swelling and support the abdomen as it heals. Thin tubes will be placed under the skin to drain excess fluids. After these are removed—in about five to seven days—you will be able to shower.* Usually patients are able to get up and walk around within 24 hours of surgery. You can return to work within three weeks with your compression garment on under clothing and return to regular exercise in about five to six weeks.*

*Individual results may vary.