Laser vein treatment at Contour Aesthetic Center can reduce the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins.* These vein patterns are usually blue or red in nature and found directly below the skin. Varicose and spider veins tend to become more prominent as you age and may be visible around the legs, hands, face, or arms. Many patients wish to reduce the appearance of underlying vein patterns to restore a smoother-looking complexion. Dr. Heidari offers laser vein treatments to address unwanted spider and varicose vein patterns.

The Procedure

Dr. Heidari treats unsightly spider veins in the legs or face with the most advanced 1064 YAG laser technology. Spider veins can also be removed through the use of intense pulse light, directed at the vein, which will gently heat the blood vessels without affecting any surrounding tissue.* This heat causes the blood to clot and the blood vessel lining to deteriorate and shrink.* The body then naturally reabsorbs it and heals itself. Dr. Heidari will recommend which treatment is best for you.*

Spider veins can be treated in just a few minutes.* You can expect some discomfort with laser vein treatments, but it is relatively minor.* Satisfactory treatment of spider veins usually takes one session on the face, but may take two to three sessions on the legs.* Treatments are usually spaced about six to eight weeks apart.


Laser vein treatment is noninvasive, so it has a minimal impact on your skin.* There is no bandage and no healing time required.* Some redness or slight swelling may occur, but usually fades within just a few hours.* Most patients can return to their normal routine right away.*

*Individual results may vary.