Reducing the appearance of scars has always been difficult. Scarring is a mark left by a healed wound, burn or sore. For acne scares, infection causes inflammation that destroys that area of skin. Prior to advances in laser scar treatments, the available choices were mechanical dermabrasion (a wire brush which removes the top layers of skin) or deep chemical peels. These older methods of scar improvement were less accurate and unpredictable than the new laser scar treatment technology today.

The Procedure

Dr. Heidari uses a combination of Erbium laser resurfacing and Pro-Fractional resurfacing to improve the appearance of your scars. Depending upon how much time you have before you need to return to normal activity, Dr. Heidari can perform deep resurfacing or two to three Pro-Fractional treatments spaced out over time for optimal results.* You will decide together which option is right for you.

Pro-Fractional laser treatments use precision to target acne scarred skin as well as wrinkles leaving surrounding tissue untouched so skin heals and tightens quickly.* After laser scar treatments, you will see immediate improvements.* However, further improvements are often seen within the next few months due to new collagen growth.*


Depending on the type of laser scar treatment, recovery ranges from three to seven days.* During this time you should avoid sun exposure. Dr. Heidari will give you a gentle, soothing ointment to apply to your skin to help it heal. You can return to work in three to seven days.*

*Individual results may vary.